Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.)

In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings. -Ann Landers

The Hastings Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S) provides a multitude of services to Hastings village residents and businesses, in the larger surrounding area, and most importantly, to Hastings High School students and their families. The Y.E.S. Coordinator helps secure employment, volunteer and internship opportunities for our students, helps community members and businesses find students to work for them, and acts as an agent and liaison throughout the process and the period of employment, be it long or short term.


The YES office is based at the Hastings High School 1 Mt. Hope Blvd. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706. You may contact the YES coordinator, Jill Iturbe preferably by e-mail: or at 914-478-6266.

Job Training

The Y.E.S coordinator teaches students how to search for jobs, how to write a resume, how to fill out applications, how to interview properly, and how to resolve any issues as they come up at their workplaces (including how to terminate employment).
 In addition, YES provides free training to 10-20 students each year who serve as paid party aids at Hastings residents' parties and holiday celebrations.

Employment Opportunities

Approximately 225 students are placed in jobs during each school year, some of them long term, some one-time jobs. These include positions in after-school child-care, evening babysitting, tutoring, homework helping, care for children with special needs, driving to activities, pet care, computer training, computer system and other electronic devices set-up, web-site management, digital photography instruction, eBay sales, children's birthday party entertainment, dental office assistance, retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops, art class modeling, chess instruction, DJ's. sports instruction, umpires, farmer's market vendors, farmer's market art classes, moving assistance, snow removal, yard work, clerical work, law office assistance, and more.  Students earn from $10-15/hour for most jobs, and from $20-25/hour for tutoring. In addition, information is gathered on summer camp jobs and lifeguard training and employment opportunities and disseminated to students via a camp fair and through the YES office.

Employer: Employee Matching

The Y.E.S. coordinator pre-screens the students and employers and matches student  job interests with employer requests  to ensure a successful union. The Y.E.S. coordinator acts as a liason throughout the process to address concerns from both parties.