"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." -- Goethe

The Youth Council helps support and oversees multiple services that are organized primarily through the Youth Advocate Program, Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S), and Hastings K.I.D.S (Kids Involved Doing Service) which include but are not limited to educational and prevention programs, individual and family counseling, youth employment opportunities and volunteer endeavors,

Youth Services/ Youth Advocacy

Provides a safety net and safe haven for Hastings youth and their families

The Youth Advocate Program (YAP) offices are housed in the James V. Harmon Community Center, Lower Level at 44 Main St. in Hastings on Hudson. The Youth Advocate Program (YAP) organizes the core of the many services that the Council supports including but not limited to the many educational and prevention programs in the schools and the community, after-school recreational activities, Homework Help, counseling, Safe Rides, Help-a-Child, and Food Pantry.

Individual and Family Counseling

Confidential Counseling by Professional Staff

The Youth Advocate Program is available to help needy individuals and their families for individual and/or group counseling. This service is provided free of charge to youth of Hastings on Hudson who have been identified by a parent, their school or by police involvement to have been engaging in maladaptive behaviors, such as; drinking, using drugs, being involved with peers engaged in this behavior or having a parent who may have a substance abuse issue.

Volunteerism (Hastings K.I.D.S)

Local Volunteer Opportunities and Partnership with Many Other Philanthropies

Hastings KIDS is a venture of the Youth Council whose aim is to provide equal opportunities for community service for all Hastings Youth. Hastings KIDS is also an official school club at Hastings High School and coordinates an annual philanthropy fair for the high school and middle school students.

Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S)

Providing Local Job Opportunities for Hastings High School Students

The Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S) helps secure employment, volunteer and internship opportunities for our students, helps community members and businesses find students to work for them, and acts as an agent and liaison throughout the process of the period of employment.

Educational and Prevention Programs

Providing drug and alcohol prevention and life skills programs in Hastings Schools

The Youth Services Director and Youth Advocate are active in the Hastings School system coordinating and leading programs that teach life skills and prevention of the use of drugs and alcohol.

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