Safe Rides

All of us -- parents, schools, communities and government -- share responsibility to keep kids safe.-Bill Clinton

We are fortunate to have free transportation known as Safe Rides available to all local youth every weekend between the hours of 10pm and 1am. The program has significantly reduced alcohol-related injuries and accidents in our village. This program provides rides to approximately 60 teenagers on a typical weekend.


This program was designed as a non-judgemental (don't ask, don't tell), equal opportunity service available equally to all village youth. If your child finds him/herself in a compromised situation whether it be just too late to walk home alone or whose judgment is significantly impaired by the use of drugs and/or alcohol, then they should feel rest assured that there is a safety net in the form of free transportation available to them. Please call 914-478-2471 to request a ride on weekend nights (Friday, Saturday) 10pm-1am.