Volunteerism/Hastings K.I.D.S (Kids Involved Doing Service)


"Giving kids clothes and food is one thing but it's much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important, and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use it in the service of other people."-- Dolores Huerta

Hastings K.I.D.S (Kids Involved in Doing Service) is a venture of the Hastings Youth Council whose mission is to not only to help others in our community but also to teach our youth important life skills that will aid them in their academic education and in their future careers. Hastings K.I.D.S was initially founded in 2010 to provide access to local service opportunities for Hastings youth. The venture has recently significantly been enhanced by the designation of Hastings KIDS as an official school club at HHS with Ms. Sarah Walters serving as faculty advisor.


The Hastings KIDS representatives also serve as student liaisons to the Hastings Youth Council and, as a student board, attend a regular, weekly, Monday evening meeting (with a summer break).

12th grade liaisons: Raneen Badaan, Josh Thigpen, and Luisa Scioscia

11th grade liaisons: , Isabelle Aiken, Carolina Feng, Bee Herbstman, Julia Mooney, Kate Rubenstein, Amanda Scholz

10th grade liaisons: Elianna Carvahlo, Erik Ghalib, Lucy Richer

9th grade liaisons: Natalie Garson, Natalie Romero, Sophie Starosta

Project Assistant: Julia Rotiroti


Promotion of Volunteer Opportunities at Hastings High School

Hastings KIDS' philosophy is that all students should have equal access to volunteer opportunities in the community not only to enhance resumes and college applications but also to instill a culture of giving. In light of this, Hastings KIDS has launched a google classroom page in the High School to inform students about volunteer opportunities and enlist students as volunteers. Hastings KIDS also maintains a book of volunteer opportunities in the Youth Employment Service office in the high school and is available for individual consultations if desired.hastingsonhudsonKIDS@gmail.com

Intergenerational Activities

Hastings KIDS coordinates volunteers for intergenerational programs such as after school reading partners in the winter months in the library at Hillside Elementary School. High school students are paired with elementary age children to read together. This program is also provided in the summer at Hastings Library in the village. Book Buddies is a program provided during the COVID-19 pandemic pairing HHS students with elementary school students reading books together over zoom. Hastings KIDS also participates, in partnership with Grace Church, in an intergenerational senior Saturday luncheon-Grace Community Table- where lunch is prepared and served by student volunteers to senior citizens and others in the community. Hastings KIDS  also go on Breakfast Runs (a part of Midnight Run) to New York City in conjunction with and coordinated by members of Grace Church. This couples adults and kids of all ages to serve homeless people and those who are hungry in New York. Laundry and Learning is a program where HHS students read with younger children while their parents are doing laundry at the laundromat. Bingo Battle is a program where middle school children joined senior citizens playing bingo on school holidays. Voting line standers is a program developed for HHS students to wait in line for senior citizens so that they could vote during early voting in New York. If you have any further questions about these programs, you may contact the e-mail links below:

Winter and Summer Reading Partners


Breakfast Runs

Grace Community Table

Laundry and Learning

Voting Line Standers

Bingo Battle

Volunteer Partnerships with Other Local Charitable Organizations

Hastings KIDS organizes and coordinates an annual "Philanthropy Phair" in the Hastings High School Lobby. The first fair hosted fifteen different philanthropies that publicized their programs and enlisted volunteers. You can peruse their websites on the links below:


Junior Achievement, The Cure is Now, Make a Wish, Food Bank of Westchester, Andrus Children’s Center, JCY Westchester Community Partners, Children’s Village, Backyard Sports, Andrus Nursing Home, NYBlood Center, Volunteer New York,, AFYA, Groundwork Hudson Valley-Science Barge, Hastings KIDS, Youth Advocate Program Homework Help, Abbott House, Share the Project, Family-to-Family

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