In 1969, The Board of Trustees of the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson appointed a group of citizens called the "Narcotics Guidance Council" to combat drug abuse among young people. Today, the "Hastings Youth Council" continues this work but its purposes have broadened. The Youth Council is a key part of the village's support network and a safety net for children, youth, and families through their many services such as counseling, education, programs, volunteerism, and employment services.


Composed of eight adult volunteer members and two student liasons from each grade in Hastings High School, the Youth Council oversees the work of a professional staff which directs the Youth Advocate Program and Youth Employment Services as well as runs many other programs and services that offer enrichment as well as a safety net for our most needy youth. The Council is appointed by the mayor and Board of Trustees while working in partnership with the Village Government and the School District.


Mission statement: The Hastings Youth Council provides support and resources to the youth of our community and their families by maintaining community outreach programs, drug prevention programs in our schools, counseling for youth and families, volunteer and job opportunities, and by offering a safe haven for children of all ages.